7 Day Trips From Cherry Creek

7 Day Trips From Cherry Creek

Situated in the heart of Denver, Cherry Creek is a luxurious enclave known for its upscale shopping, fine dining, and affluent residential areas. But beyond its refined urban charm, Cherry Creek serves as a perfect starting point for exploring some of Colorado’s most picturesque destinations. Whether it's the mountainous wonders, historic cities, or nature's playgrounds, day trips from Cherry Creek offer something for everyone. In this guide, we explore the top destinations within easy reach for a delightful day out.

1. Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods: A Blend of Culture and Natural Beauty

Colorado Springs, located just over an hour south of Cherry Creek, is a must-visit for those seeking both cultural richness and natural beauty. The city is home to the famous Garden of the Gods, a public park known for its towering sandstone rock formations against the backdrop of snow-capped Pikes Peak. Visitors can enjoy guided tours, rock climbing, and scenic drives. Beyond the park, Colorado Springs offers other attractions like the United States Air Force Academy and the Olympic Training Center, making it a diverse destination for all interests.

2. Estes Park: Gateway to Rocky Mountain Wonders

Just a two-hour drive from Cherry Creek, Estes Park is a charming mountain town offering an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor activities. Known as the eastern gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park, this picturesque town provides visitors with stunning vistas, wildlife viewing opportunities, and a variety of shops and restaurants. Take a leisurely stroll down Elkhorn Avenue to explore local boutiques and savor homemade taffy, or venture into the Rocky Mountain National Park for hiking, photography, and the chance to witness the majestic elk herds.

3. Rocky Mountain National Park: A High-Altitude Escape

A bit further from Estes Park and only about two hours from Cherry Creek, Rocky Mountain National Park is an ideal retreat for nature lovers and adventure seekers. This vast national park features over 300 miles of hiking trails, tranquil lakes, and diverse ecosystems. It’s a year-round playground where visitors can hike in the summer, enjoy the golden aspens in the fall, or snowshoe and cross-country ski during the winter months.

4. Fort Collins: Craft Brews and College Town Charm

An hour north of Cherry Creek, Fort Collins is renowned for its lively craft brewery scene and the historic Old Town, which inspired the design of Disneyland’s Main Street, U.S.A. As home to Colorado State University, the town boasts a youthful energy with a rich array of cultural experiences, from live music and festivals to art galleries and gourmet food markets. A day trip to Fort Collins is incomplete without sampling some local brews and enjoying a bike ride along the Poudre River Trail.

5. Golden: Where the West Lives

Just a 30-minute drive west of Cherry Creek, Golden feels a world away with its stunning foothills setting and historic charm. Known as the home of Coors Brewery, the largest single-site brewery in the world, Golden offers tours that delight beer enthusiasts. For those more inclined towards the outdoors, there are numerous hiking trails and the famous Lookout Mountain, offering panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains and Denver skyline.

6. Boulder: A Fusion of Nature, Culture, and Innovation

Less than an hour’s drive from Cherry Creek, Boulder is a dynamic city that blends outdoor activities with a lively cultural scene. Nestled at the foot of the dramatic Flatirons, visitors can explore extensive hiking and biking trails or relax by the Boulder Creek. The city's vibrant downtown, Pearl Street Mall, is lined with independent shops, restaurants, and street performers, making it a bustling hub of activity and entertainment.

7. Nederland: An Eclectic Mountain Escape

Approximately an hour and a half from Cherry Creek, Nederland offers a unique mix of natural beauty and quirky mountain town culture. Known for its Frozen Dead Guy Days festival, Nederland is also a gateway to outdoor pursuits like hiking, biking, and skiing in the nearby Eldora Mountain Resort. The town’s laid-back atmosphere is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a more relaxed pace.


From Rocky Mountain National Park's stunning landscapes to the historic streets of Golden and Boulder, the areas surrounding Cherry Creek are filled with opportunities for exploration and enjoyment. These day trips are perfect for discovering Colorado's natural beauty and cultural richness and provide refreshing escapes from city life.

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