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The median sale price in Cherry Creek last month stood at $1.26 million, reflecting a substantial 21.7% decrease from the previous year and suggesting a market adjustment that could benefit buyers. In contrast, the sale price per square foot increased to $541, marking a 5.2% rise, emphasizing a sustained value in property quality despite the overall median decline.

The rapid market velocity is evident, with properties spending an average of just 15 days on the market, underscoring high demand and the necessity for buyers to act decisively. Despite a robust sales volume of 10 homes last month, prospective buyers should be prepared for heightened competition in this dynamic real estate landscape.



Cherry Creek's real estate market boasts a competitive edge, evident in its rapid pace. Prospective buyers must be ready to act promptly, formulating compelling offers that may surpass the list price, particularly for highly desirable homes.

Negotiation dynamics reveal that while the average home tends to sell around 2% below the list price, 'hot' properties often command prices at or above the asking price, leading to potential bidding wars.

To navigate this dynamic landscape successfully, buyers should adopt a strategic approach, being financially prepared and establishing clear priorities to craft effective offers in Cherry Creek's bustling and dynamic real estate environment.


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