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Cherry Hills Real Estate Market

Cherry Hills Village presents a unique and highly competitive real estate market, characterized by luxury properties and a fast-paced buying environment. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for anyone considering a home purchase in this exclusive area.

Current Market Analysis:

  • Median Sale Price: The median sale price in Cherry Hills Village has seen a substantial increase, reaching $3.6 million last month, up 23.8% since last year. This significant growth reflects the area's exclusivity and high demand.
  • Sale Price per Square Foot: The sale price per square foot has surged to $504, marking a 33.0% increase from the previous year, further emphasizing the premium nature of properties in this locality.
  • Market Velocity: Homes in Cherry Hills Village are selling remarkably fast, with an average of just 5 days on the market, indicating intense competition among buyers.
  • Sales Volume: With 7 homes sold last month, the market, while smaller in volume, is active and dynamic, catering to a select clientele.

What This Means for Prospective Buyers

  • Competitive Bidding: Homes typically receive multiple offers, often selling for about 2% above list price. 'Hot' properties can even command prices around 6% above list price, going pending in approximately 3 days.
  • Swift Decision Making: Buyers should be prepared for a swift and decisive buying process, where quick action and attractive offers are key to securing a property in this sought-after area.

Migration & Relocation Trends

  • Local vs. National Interest: A notable 69% of Cherry Hills Village homebuyers prefer to stay within the metropolitan area, demonstrating strong local appeal. However, 31% are looking to relocate outside the village.
  • Inbound Interest: Cherry Hills Village attracts national attention, with buyers from Colorado Springs, San Francisco, and Los Angeles showing significant interest in moving here.
  • Outbound Preferences: Among those relocating, Chicago, Fort Collins, and Breckenridge are popular destinations, highlighting diverse lifestyle choices and opportunities beyond Cherry Hills Village.

Expert Guidance with Lawton & Smith:

To navigate the intricacies of Cherry Hills Village's real estate market, partnering with experienced professionals like us is essential. We will guide you through the complexities of this competitive market, ensuring a smooth and successful home buying journey.

Discover the possibilities that await in Cherry Hills Village. Contact us today to explore the exquisite properties available and take the first step towards owning a piece of this prestigious community.

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